Sadness by Charlotte Land

Sadness by Charlotte Land

Stony, rocky cliffs surround the sand,
Waves banging on the shore,
Hard wind blows swinging trees and grass in the fields beyond,
The water crashes against the rocks,
A stranded, suited driver fights the breeze,
His black crying hound faithfully by his side,
Sadness in their eyes.




Wasted War by Ashley Land

Wasted War by Ashley Land

Crunch, crunch, crunch,
Went the tanks on the ground.

Crack, crack, crack,
The guns made this sound.

As the men hit the ground,
They looked around Searching for why they came.

House to house, Street to street;
The footsteps of dozens of feet.

Looking for these bombs Alas, there were none!


Bright-eyed Goddess by Melissa Land

Bright-eyed Goddess by Melissa Land

Unknown amongst them,
She sits in awe and wonder.
Blazing eyes searching,
Surrounded by a glorious banquet,
Wondering of the occasion.

‘Where pray is your father?’
Calypso herself had forbidden his return!
Wanting the strong man to herself,
Locked away in a vaulted cave;
Awaiting his love and marriage.
Prisoner of the Nymph’s love.
‘I actually heard he was home!’
The gods, it seemed, had sinister plans.
He had not returned from battle,
They made him vanish, Never to be seen again.

‘What is the meaning of this banquet?’
Men of Troy had heard of the banishment,
Their behaviour animalistic.
Seeking the love of the ‘widow,’
Leaving the son belittled,
Doomed to an inglorious future.


Eternally Trapped by Emily Land

Eternally Trapped by Emily Land

There she lay,
Still today;
Trapped inside a body,
In a bay.

They bury her there,
Hoping no one would say,
‘Who is the girl in the bay??’

There was no girl,
No girl in that bay.
Only a demon that lay,
Lay asleep.
Waiting for her prey.

She preys on the weak,
She preys on the caring.

So, if you see her be sure,
Be sure to leave her laying…

Laying in the dirty swamp,
Where demons like her belong.


Irish Heritage Photography

Declan Dekkie Kelly have been collecting photos of Irish historical and geographical heritage. We have walked for miles and climbed into dangerous and beautiful places to get the perfect pictures. We have now joined ‘Irish Heritage’ and have submitted our first portfolio. Hopefully this will be a long and fruitful partnership and we look forward to many more years of photography and hiking. #irishheritage #photography #landscapephotography #irishculture #localhistory  29468991_10156263021183156_5393661007384018944_n