Campaigning: Mental Illness

Our campaign is to sell 20,000 copies of ‘Artist or Madman? A Gripping Chapbook From a Bipolar Survivor.’ This book will assist those living with and working with mental illness to really understand and empathise with the survivors through emotive, unforgettable tales. Costs have been kept to a minimum so all can access this unusual piece!

Journey into the ebbs and flows of the Bipolar mind as presented by survivor Kerry Kelly. The pendulum of emotions experienced by her over a seven year period culminated in this collection of poetic tales. Each piece reflects a harsh or emotive image of society through the most erotic, the most evil and the most cunning of characters. Allows those affected by mental health issues, either personally or professionally, to experience the struggling mind. Highly entertaining and unforgettable. These stories will resonate with the reader long after the back cover has been closed.

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Moody, Erotic,Dark, Bipolar Tales (2)