Bright-eyed Goddess by Melissa Land

Bright-eyed Goddess by Melissa Land

Unknown amongst them,
She sits in awe and wonder.
Blazing eyes searching,
Surrounded by a glorious banquet,
Wondering of the occasion.

‘Where pray is your father?’
Calypso herself had forbidden his return!
Wanting the strong man to herself,
Locked away in a vaulted cave;
Awaiting his love and marriage.
Prisoner of the Nymph’s love.
‘I actually heard he was home!’
The gods, it seemed, had sinister plans.
He had not returned from battle,
They made him vanish, Never to be seen again.

‘What is the meaning of this banquet?’
Men of Troy had heard of the banishment,
Their behaviour animalistic.
Seeking the love of the ‘widow,’
Leaving the son belittled,
Doomed to an inglorious future.



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