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Irish Poetry and Photography: Magnificent Mayo

Travel Photos; Mayo, Ireland

It has been a busy day. In addition to finalising Bayley Kelly’s anthology, editing and designing the cover, Declan Dekkie Kelly and I have also made a substantial cultural contribution to the Irish Heritage Society and the Irish National Museum. This includes poetry and photography largely relating to Mayo. Hopefully this will be accepted and sometime in the future people may look back and view our work as a piece of history.

I have shared some pics of Mayo below

Photographing Irish Heritage

I am really proud to say that the selected photographic portfolio of landscape and heritage images taken by Declan and I have been accepted for publication by the Irish Heritage Society who were ‘delighted’ with them. What a fantastic anniversary gift; to have our joint project accepted by a national publisher and heritage body!

The War of Walls by Bayley Kelly

The War of Walls by Bayley Kelly

One hundred years in the future a time machine is built. Scientists send the machine back to get native Americans, cowboys and dragons.

The English side with the Native Americans and the Americans with the cowboys. The English build a wall. Using; jeeps, tanks and planes they fight for six years. The cowboys break the wall, but lose the war.

After the war a resistance forms and is sent to New York to disable the tanks controlling the security building which houses the president. Some get away, some are killed.

The President’s last personal, best fighter is promoted to General.

One Hundred years in the future a time machine is built to enlist war troops. After the resistance, America was angry as the resistance killed. The Americans hijacked a plane, so the English grabbed an attack plane. The American General said,
‘We can’t shoot it down!’ His Major had an idea.

The Major said,
‘Go above the plane and drop soldiers on it!’ The General said to the Major,
‘You are right.’ As the hijacked plane flew he pushed the Major onto the attack plane. The Major’s team took out all of the enemy and both war planes landed safely.

(Originally published by Entropy2)


Sadness by Charlotte Land

Sadness by Charlotte Land

Stony, rocky cliffs surround the sand,
Waves banging on the shore,
Hard wind blows swinging trees and grass in the fields beyond,
The water crashes against the rocks,
A stranded, suited driver fights the breeze,
His black crying hound faithfully by his side,
Sadness in their eyes.



Wasted War by Ashley Land

Wasted War by Ashley Land

Crunch, crunch, crunch,
Went the tanks on the ground.

Crack, crack, crack,
The guns made this sound.

As the men hit the ground,
They looked around Searching for why they came.

House to house, Street to street;
The footsteps of dozens of feet.

Looking for these bombs Alas, there were none!