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5* Reviews; ‘Entertains and Coaches, A Book for the Year!’ This self-help book adopts an entirely NEW approach and provides material for the year and every year. Motivation, goals, inspirations. The reader is assisted in creating and improving their own life; Socially, Spiritually, Vocationally and Creatively! Each chapter title is in itself concise advice and is accompanied by inspirational quotes to allow the reader to interpret the goals for that chapter. The author, who is a graduate of Literature, Psychology and Social Science AND a survivor of mental illness provides a piece of gritty, meaningful and unforgettable fiction that will allow for pensive reflection. These tales were primarily written as the author worked through her own recovery over a seven year period and substantially improved her life and experiences. Finally the author provides concise coaching guidelines allowing the reader to build a profound portfolio of self-improvement. No reader will be disappointed because this book truly is both entertaining and coaching.

In addition, this edition contains three supplemental chapters of unforgettable tales and has a buy one get one free offer with a concise study of Near Death Experiences enclosed ‘Promises of an Afterlife,’ which as a stand alone book has also received 5* reviews. The author believes that life has meaning and through reading and working with the suggestions and portfolio guidelines in this book the audience can expect to be thoroughly entertained, have thoughts provoked and engage in a personal development program that WILL result in numerous positive life changes.

The tales range from poetic Gothic romance through to dark fiction and elegant and thoughtful, beautiful reflections of nature. Every tale is gripping and entertaining, every chapter life changing and coaching. This is a book for the year and for every year!

545 pages and the life coaching exercises and portfolio will enthral the reader and is at a bargain price of £7.64 for the first year! A bargain for 7 years of work and a lifetime of entertainment and coaching.

Readers have given the following reviews on Kerry’s works;

‘A gripping and imaginative read’ (Paula) 5*

‘A great collection of poems covering everything ‘ (Malcolm) 5*

‘Blossoming’ Mayo Now

‘Pushing the boundaries’ (Gerry Walsh, Journalist)

‘Triumph’ (The Western People)

‘Excellent’ (Brian Hartnett, Radio Host and Website Host)


Kerry was born in Kent (UK) with ENT problems and although operations allowed her to hear she still suffers from rhinitis. Kerry also suffered from mental health concerns due to having bipolar, OCD and epilepsy. After school, whilst expecting her first child, she taught herself her A-levels and passed with As and Bs. Kerry, determined to find a way to live life to the full, developed a portfolio of life experiences. She wanted to experience the world and subsequently went on to have five more children (one sadly passed), travelled to over 40 countries mostly with her children and practised a range of sports; martial arts, yoga, ski-ing, ballet, kayaking, snorkelling, boating, parasailing, horse-riding and much more.

Kerry settled in Ireland after spending two months travelling the world with her children. She had already completed 100 professional qualifications including 20 at university level. Kerry specialised in the social sciences and psychology. For seven years Kerry wrote as a form of journalling therapy to control the mood swings associated with bipolar. The writing was a private outlet, but in 2015 after entering the poetry marathon and completing 100 poems in 15 styles and 6 languages Kerry decided to submit for publication.

Her work was immediately accepted by ‘Short Fiction Break,’ ‘Entropy,’ ‘Peeking Cat,’ ‘VoicesIreland,’ ‘Some Poets Anthologies’ and ‘NDERF.’ Two of the Chapbooks in which she featured made the Chapbook Charts and her own edited multi-author chapbook reached number one!

Kerry worked continually from 2015 to 2016 putting together all of her work, writing additional pieces and working on her own life coaching ‘Affirmations and Actions’ to allow others to fulfil their potential in every aspect of life, whilst using her written fiction to allow pensive thought by the reader in applying the coaching aspects. Kerry also writes to entertain and loves tales that twist and turn, presenting the yin and yang of living from the darkest parts of humanity to the most exquisite sights in nature.

‘Tackling the Bear’ puts the spiritual, the social, the vocational, the natural, the supernatural, the philosophical and the moral world in the readers’ hands. She presents life, she lives life and hopes to thoroughly share this with the reader!